Change of Depositing Post Office

Use this service if you cannot pick up your consignment at your depositing post office. It can be deposited at another post office closer to your location. Change of Depositing Post Office is free of charge. The only exception are Delivery To Post Office consignments which are redelivered to another post office at a price specified in the current Pricelist.


Please note that you will not get a notice of depositing of your consignment at the new depositing post office.

Only available in Czech.


Please, enter the information given in the notice of arrival of the consignment dropped into your letter box

Your consignment is ready for pickup at the post office

Please, enter information about the new post office

Use the (Find Postcode) Delivery To Post Office application to select the post office that suits you best.

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Applications placed after 4.30pm will be dealt with the next working day. If you have any queries or comments, please contact our contact centre