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Mauritius in the Czech Republic

Catalogue number 0942
Date of issue 6.9.2017
Face value 34,00 CZK
Print sheets 50 stamps
Size of picture 26 x 36 mm
Graphic designer Jaromír a Kamil Knotkovi
Availability In stock

Theme of the stamp

a graphic design of the legendary BLUE MAURITIUS on golden background.

The red and the blue Mauritius Post Office are clearly the best known stamps to the general public in the world. Only 12 copies of the blue version (2 pence) and 14 copies of the red version (1 penny) of the stamp exist in the world. They were issued on the Mauritius Island on 20 September 1847, each in the volume of 500. The inscription POST OFFICE makes the version more valuable.

Product description

Face value: A stamp identified with the letter A corresponding to the price of Ordinary Letter – Standard up to 50 g in domestic Priority service (current price according to the Price List of Basic Postal Services)

Method of printing

multi-coloured offset with a special imitation of the “golden colour”

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